Preformulation and Formulation Services

Preformulation is a critical activity often overlooked in the development of new or existing pharmaceuticals. We are aware of the importance of relevant preformulation activities required for pharmaceutical product development, i.e.

  • • Polymorphism
    • Salt selection
    • Compatibility studies
    • Hygroscopicity Studies
    • Solubility Determination
    • Photostability of API
    • Prototype evaluations

Galenica offers high quality service to our partners for the development of oral, dermal, nasal, rectal, pulmonary and parenteral formulations of small molecules to peptides/proteins and biologics. Our Pharmaceutical Services help you conduct the studies necessary to support all phases of your product development. Our staff has long experience of development of all common dosage forms.

    • Coated/non-coated

    • Immediate realease tablets
    • Controlled release tablets
    • Lozenges, chewable and ODT
    • Mini tablets

    • Pellets
    • Medicated chewing gums
    • Freeze dried orals

    • Creams
    • Ointments
    • Gels
    • Suppositories
    • Solutions
  • • Emulsions
  • • Sprays
  • • Eye drops
    • Suspensions

Galenica works with state of the art equipment

    • Tablet presses from fully instrumented rotary machines to single punch machines; Fette, Korsch and Manesty
    • Automatic and semi-automatic capsule fillers; Dott. Bonapace and Torpac
    • Automatic capsule bander; Bonapace
    • Milling equipment; Quadro Comil U10 and U5, Retch and IKA
    • Fluid Bed equipment; Vector FL-M-3 and Uni-Glatt both with top spray and Wurster insert
  • • Pan Coater; O’Hara Labcoat MX
    • High Shear Mixer/Granulator; Diosna P25, Zanchetta Rotolab single pot, Donsmark QMM-II
    • Tumble mixers; Apex 50 Litre V-blender, Sevin DC blenders from 10-150 Liters and WAB
  • • Turbula blenders 1-17 Liters
    • Krieger multiprocessor MMU-20
    • High pressure homogenizers; Avestin Emulsiflex C5 and C50
    • Homogenizer; Branson Minisonic 4PT
    • High shear mixers; IKA Ultra Turrax, Kinematica Polytron and Heidolph Diax 600
    • Suppository Filler; Erweka AR 400