SERVICES. Pharmaceutical drug development is our core competence.

Preformulation and Formulation Services

Galenica offers high quality service to our partners for the development of oral, dermal, nasal, rectal, pulmonary and parenteral formulations of small molecules to peptides/proteins and biologicals.

Clinical Trial Material

Our experienced development scientists formulate and produce required quantities of clinical trial materials for all stages of your project. From simplified dosage forms in the earliest clinical stages to phase III batches of your final product.

Analytical Services

Working to current GMP and ICH guidelines, and pharmacopoeias, Galenica provides pharmaceutical analytical support for a wide variety of development projects. With an extensive range of fully qualified analytical equipment available, as well as comprehensive stability studies expertise, we work closely with our partners to assist every stage of the product development process.

QC Testing

Quality control (QC) testing for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, excipients, and finished products. Our QC analytical laboratories ensure compliance to current specifications, from raw materials to finished product. Galenica has quality control systems that require strict adherence to GMP regulations.

Stability Services

All pharmaceutical development activities require thorough stability considerations. Our range of storage capabilities are fully compliant with ICH guidelines.

Regulatory Services

As part of the Galenica pharmaceutical services, we provide regulatory consulting. We assist you through the regulatory hurdles associated with drug development facilitating approval of submissions.

Project Management

Every initial contact starts with a discussion between Galenica and your development team. After an evaluation phase the outcome of these discussions results in a project proposal and a quotation along with a suggested contract framework.