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Galenica is a Swedish privately owned pharmaceutical company, authorized and audited by the Swedish Medical Product Agency.
Our activities are divided into three business units:

  • Drug product contract development (CRO)
  • Contract manufacturing (CMO)
  • Development and launching of own branded pharmaceutical dermal products (PHARMA)

In the CRO unit Galenica supports and guides our partners in their pharmaceutical development programs. We have expertise in pharmaceutical and analytical development as well as in production of Clinical Trial Material (CTM) for Phase I up to Phase III.

In the CMO unit Galenica manufactures, at limited batch sizes, commercially niched products for our customers to bring to the market.

The PHARMA unit actively develops and launches our own pharmaceutical products to the market, utilizing our state-of-the-art expertise in drug formulation, manufacturing and quality control. Our first product on the market, Ovixan®/Ovison®, is an improved prescription-only mometasone cream formulation for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. Ovixan® is well established in the Nordic market and has recently been out-licensed in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Galenica is actively seeking partners in selected markets outside Europe.

Galenica is a flexible and reliable contract development partner of pharmaceutical projects, and has a proven track record when it comes to quality, knowledge and flexibility as well as keeping timelines.

Galenica performs high quality formulation service
for our partners in the development of oral, dermal, nasal, rectal and pulmonary products of small molecules to peptides. Galenica assist our partners to conduct the studies necessary to support all phases of their product development and our staff contribute with their long experience of all types of common dosage forms. Our experienced development scientists formulate and produce required quantities of clinical trial materials for all stages of our partner’s project. From simplified dosage forms in the earliest clinical stages to phase III batches of the final product.

Working to current GMP and ICH guidelines, and pharmacopoeias, Galenica provides pharmaceutical analytical services for a wide variety of development projects. With an extensive range of fully qualified analytical equipment available, as well as comprehensive stability study expertise, we work closely with our partners to assist every stage of the product development process. Our quality control analytical laboratories ensure compliance to current specifications, from raw materials to finished product. Galenica has quality control systems with strict adherence to GMP regulations.

Our quality assurance staff continuously develop and maintain our quality system to be up to date and ensure that we fulfil the requirements from the authorities. All activities at Galenica are project driven and each project is assigned a project manager, who is responsible evolving activities. The project manager works closely with the customer, keeping direct communication lines open at all times. As part of the Galenica pharmaceutical services, we also provide regulatory services. We assist our partners through the regulatory hurdles associated with drug development facilitating approval of submissions.

As part of Galenicas growth, we are expanding our facility in Medeon Science Park with 2640 m2 lab, office and storage space from October 2020, reaching altogether approximately 4700 m2 state of the art facility’s in central Malmö. These new facility’s will make sure we can continue our growth journey aiming at 200 MSEK in turnover and reaching 100 employees by 2021, but of course doing so by sticking to our core values; Team spirit, Competence, Quality and Drive and always having fun at work!