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Audits make sure we always stay on our toes

For an outsider, the recurring audits that take place at a formulation company could easily be perceived as disrupting and distracting. Nothing could be more wrong. At Galenica we consider these frequent audits as important and highly useful tools in our never-ending efforts to improve the quality of our products and services. Audits and inspections […]

The fine art of pharmaceutical analysis

There are numerous reasons why pharmaceutical companies at some point turn to an outsourcing solution provider. It can be a matter of streamlining operations, cutting time to market or reducing costs. Last but not least, outsourcing laboratory services is a quick and efficient way to gain access to special capabilities and expert knowledge. Analytical service […]

A step closer to trials without errors

At some stages pharmaceutical research and development is a question of trial and error. But when it comes to clinical trials there is no room left for mistakes. Even the slightest suspicion of a mix-up of substances, documented results or test subjects can be reason enough to scrap an entire trial project, provoking great expenses […]

Life Science Industry Award 2012

Galenica wins the City of Malmö Life Science Industry Award 2012. The jury’s motivation: “Since its inception in 1999 the company has developed positively, which has led to Galenica today being one of Europe’s most competent CROs focusing on galenic development. The company has now taken a step forward by developing its own products. The […]

New product – from Galenica

Galenica AB has developed and is launching Ovixan®, a cream formulation for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. The clinical development program has been successfully completed and the product was approved in all the Nordic countries during Q1 2012. The trade name (Ovixan, a prescription drug) has been registered and patents are pending. The new […]