A step closer to trials without errors

At some stages pharmaceutical research and development is a question of trial and error. But when it comes to clinical trials there is no room left for mistakes. Even the slightest suspicion of a mix-up of substances, documented results or test subjects can be reason enough to scrap an entire trial project, provoking great expenses as well as losses in time to market and reputation.

Consequently, there are continuous efforts in clinical trials supplies to make the handling safer and the logistics more reliable. The aim is to ensure that each site and each patient is supplied with the right medication, in the right quantity at the right time.

NEW: Packing and labeling
Risks can, of course, be reduced in many different ways. One way to enhance control and ease management concerns is simply by decreasing the number of players involved in the supply chain. As a part of this effort, we at Galenica recently decided to extend our offering to also include packaging and labeling of clinical trials supplies and we now fulfill all relevant regulatory standards and have acquired the necessary permissions.

Keeping some of the work stages within our own premises bring several improvements to the operations. Naturally, it is easier to supervise and control all details if the packaging and labeling process takes place in-house and can be executed in one single uninterrupted sequence. This is especially valuable if the trials are complex and distributed over both time and space.

Being able to avoid shipping to and from another Contract Research Organization in charge of packaging and/or labeling has several advantages. Not only will it decrease the risk of goods getting mixed-up or instructions being misunderstood. In addition, each transport means that the medicinal preparations will leave a closely monitored indoor climate and risk – by negligence, lack of judgment or bad luck – being exposed to cold, heat, humidity or careless handling.

These measures and procedures do not make our system absolutely foolproof, but it takes our clients one step closer to trials without errors.