Galenica supports and guides our partners in their pharmaceutical development programmes. We are experts at pharmaceutical and analytical development and production of Clinical Trial Material (CTM) for Phase I – III. Galenica also manufactures commercially niched products for the market. Galenica is authorized and audited by the Swedish Medical Product Agency for the cGMP production of Clinical Trial Material. We welcome you to visit our site for audits or to discuss your project needs.

Galenica actively develops and launches pharmaceutical drugs to the market, utilizing our state-of-the-art expertise in drug formulation, manufacturing and quality control. Our product Ovixan®/Ovison®, is an improved prescription-only mometasone cream indicated for the symptomatic treatment of inflammatory skin conditions which respond to topical treatment with glucocorticosteroids, such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis (excluding widespread plaque psoriasis). Ovixan® is well established in the Nordic market. Our recently launched product Oviderm® is a new moisturizing cream for treatment of dry skin. Oviderm® is registered as a pharmaceutical product that can be prescribed as well as purchased OTC.

“From the start, Galenica has aimed its services at small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies and that is still the strategy. Though we do have more large companies than before – many of our first clients have grown with us.”

Ronnie Wallin, Managing Director of Galenica